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Portal 02-22-2022 222

Meditation- Channeled by Adriana DeSousa- 02/22/2022 morning meditation

I usually don't share a lot of my individual experiences in general on social media. Whether they are personal or spiritual. Yet, I received a call to share on few simple words about the new portal of consciousness that is opening today and will be in working for the next 9 days as I received the last spiritual messages from my guides. As every portal opens to assist humanity to expand in consciousness, and the planet Earth to shift in a higher energy level, lightworkers are assisting in many different ways to guide in this process.

I myself have been working many times in silent meditation, at the astral level, and with individuals in private or small groups. What has been pulling lately for me to reach more individuals that are willing to take the next step on their spiritual journey evolution. And raise together. Learn from each other. The message from my spiritual guides today was long, yet they asked me to break it down in a few words. Some of you will get it in an instance. For those dear hearts that would like to go deeper, I will be happy to assist in weekly meetings group meditations. Just send me a DM with an interest note. This is the breakdown message: "Beloved hearts, Time is now to be sincere with our hearts, thoughts, intentions, and actions. Sincerity is one of the virtues that align our spirit with the source of all creation. With God. When our hearts are sincere, our journey moves with ease and lesser of the dramatic energies that most humans engage for survival. In the human matrix, there is a dynamic called "drama" which is almost so often present. The lack of sincerity, honesty and authenticity are playing a part in that, blocking our hearts to feel the true love, the divine love that is always present. Remember we are divine hearts, love and light. Earth already chose to shift to a higher level and will be up to humanity to follow with that dynamic energetic pull. Humanity will have the free will power to choose whatever their minds, hearts, spirits are calling. The big shift on Earth through those portals will manifest whatever is in the collective consciousness which will create that reality. That being said, it is very important we all be mindful of what our hearts, mind, spirit and energy are speaking. Be aware and awake. Like beloved master Jesus Yeshua warned us: "To be vigilant" All beautiful loving teachings were many times expressed in the past of human history. And can we listen? Can we see? Simple Guidance through this powerful portal of 2-22-2022 -Be calm, relaxed. Use techniques that will bring you to this state. You can focus and have more clarity and energy when you are in a state of calmness and peace. -Be present. There is only now, and the power exists in the now. Each moment is a gift. Your life is a gift. -Actions. Act in service of a higher purpose. For the highest good of all. Ask divine guidance. The divine will show you the way. Act upon to prevent others from being harmed, neglected and disturbed. Protecting especially the innocents. Remember that our only true purpose as divine souls and human beings is to love, and so often love expresses itself in silence, calming and stillness. Use discernment to choose when and which form the actions has to be for the highest good of all at that moment. -And foremost and intrinsic: Love Love all. Love only. Being in a state of Love generates higher vibrations that no harm can touch us. Take good care of yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Create a balance of giving and receiving. One of the lightworker's purposes, jobs, is to create peace, awareness, guidance and love support to others to show them the way. Not telling others what to do. As a Way-Shower, I know that is very important. It is important that you also follow your own intuition and guidance based on love. I have much to share, yet I have to break down the messages received, revealed from my guides. I hope this will assist you. Wishing you, all of us an amazing global shift.

In Love, Light and Clarity

Adriana DeSousa-

Oracle Way- Shower Ascension guide

Gatekeeper and interdimensional liaison

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