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Adriana DeSousa

My name is Adriana DeSousa and I am an intuitive healer from Brazil.

One of my gifts to the world is to offer methods of healing focusing on human health, empowerment, and wellbeing. I feel honored to share with the world my gifts of healings that I inherited from my ancestors and a variety of techniques and practices, taught by healer masters around the globe.

I honor the ability to deliver a safe and effective combination of those several therapeutic modalities.

I love to transform peoples’ lives through healing arts.

Around me, people feel peaceful, relaxed, aware and empowered. Clients often shared beneficial shifts in their lives after experiencing some modalities.

One of my greatest joy is to see people living their lives to the full creation and capacity. To make a difference that ripples throughout their family, work, career, community and the world.

It’s exciting to support one’s commitment to oneself, taking actions and creating a healthier, harmonious and happy way to live their lives.

My goals are to promote my client's general wellbeing, to strengthen the immunologic system by reducing stress and raising awareness of mind, body, and soul. Assisting them in their evolution consciousness. 

I am committed to creating the ideal space for you to experience your life and health powerfully. Your performance in life is mirroring on how you treat your body, mind, soul and your health.

Natural holistic care may be your first option in having altered results in your life performance.

When I am not healing others, I am healing myself… I truly nourish my life with people that I love, nature, good books, self-care healing, meditation, music, dancing, exercises, cooking and enjoying amazing healthy foods, comedy, photography and traveling to sacred places.

I will be honored to meet you.

I invite you to explore the whole site, to know more about my Ascension work for humanity, my Humanitarian projects and invest some time with you to assist you to connect with the empowering and conscious version of yourself.

Thank you for your time.

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