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Drumming your dreaming soul...

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

" I have a deep connection with my sound healing instruments. I feel like part of my essence, my spirit resonates with them. My drumbeat evokes my own and mother's Earth heartbeat.

I created this sound healing instrument with my own healing hands in a personal journey ceremony, drawing some of the sacred symbols that symbolized important learning experiences within my self-empowerment spiritual journey.

It has my healing hands energy, my love, wisdom, and passion for what I carry as my life purpose. Anyone that ever heard my drumbeat in a healing session had shared an amazing trance healing experience.

The drum is a very powerful heart, and chakras activating medicine.

At the times I feel I need self-healing, I beat my drum alone in the presence of my healing spiritual guides.

The vibrations connect me with my heart, my soul, my spirit, and my power.

Healing through sounds and especially with the drums are very ancient knowledge.

Ancient tribes from many cultures shared healing thought hand made sacred instruments passed from generations through generations.

I offer the deepest gratitude for all people, cultures, and tribes from the beginning of times that taught and left to humanity this healing knowledge.

That we always remember and honor the native people, their traditions, and their wisdom.

May we all support them, their needs for the care of their lands, and clean water.

May we assist the protectors, the keepers of the forests, the Amazon, and their lands.

May we make powerful choices to assist to create balance on our personal lifestyle, the planet we live in, to create a climate balance that can assist all beings to live a habitable planet for now and for our future generations to coexist in peace and harmony.

Blessings to all, Aho ( Amen, I am grateful) Haux ( with gratitude)

Namaste ( The light in me greets the light in you)

Adriana DeSousa

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