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~ Adriana DeSousa Healing Arts Policies ~


My intention is to provide my clients with professional and therapeutic services in a relaxing and welcoming environment; I will tailor each treatment to my client’s individual therapeutic protocols.
The following policies and procedures serve as a guide for my first-visit and repeating clients.


~ Cancellation Policy ~

24hs of cancelation notice is kindly requested as my schedule requires specific time management to provide for this type of work. Unless it is an emergency, a sickness or severe weather conditions.

No excuses.

I appreciate your consideration of my schedule time as other clients would benefit to use the same time as an opportunity to receiving this work. I will happily reschedule or refund the prepayment method as original form received when appointments' changes requests are made within 24hs.

 Cancellations made after 24hs and before 12hs will be charged a reschedule fee of 25% session's value.

You may also choose to gift your session to a family member or a loved one to take your place at the scheduled time.

~ Rates ~


My rates are openly discussed and shared privately with clients. It is important to carry an empowering relationship with money as energy, with integrity, harmony, and respect as you choose to contribute to my work, energy and time allowing the healing flow to all parts involved in this process.


~ Payments ~


Prepayment of the session is required to reserve your session.

I accept prepayments by: Credit card, PayPal, Venmo or by mailed check within 5 days before the session date.


~ My services ~


I am committed to creating the space necessary for you to experience your life and health exactly where you want it to be. Your performance in life is parallel to how well you take care of your health. I am committed to women, men, and children living their life to its full creation. As you choose to take action into creating healthier habits and feel great, healing arts could be your first option in having different results today in your life's performance.

~ Preparations ~

You as a recipient of this healing session are the most important key and 100% responsible for the results of your healing work. Adriana is only an instrument and channel of healing light energy transmission to facilitate your own healing abilities. She will be 100% committed to your session. As you commit 100% for the preparation, time, energy, financial and all involved, following the guidance provided and received during or after your healing session, you will most probably get transformative results.

Preparation guidelines prior session will be sent by email.

~ Disclaimer ~

The services, claims, and testimonials made on this website are subjective and based on the results of individuals who have worked with Adriana DeSousa.

Healing results can vary from client to client, based on their conditions and personal experiences.

Adriana does not guarantee any specific results.

Please let me know of any questions that may arise.

Thank you very much. I will be happy to assist you in your transformation process.  


~ Treatment consent policy ~


Acknowledging that the services that Adriana DeSousa Healing Arts- provides are for the intent of release stress and relief of body discomfort, mental stress or anxiety. A licensed and certified massage therapist, Yoga teacher and energy work therapist do not diagnose or treat any kind of illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder.

Therapeutic results can vary from client to client, based on their conditions and personal experiences.

Adriana does not guarantee any specific results.

Adriana DeSousa Healing Arts- does not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals. Limitations and take upon each client to keep Adriana DeSousa Healing Arts- updated on their current physical health.

~ Standards conducts ~

Note: Please be aware that any sexual misconduct or advances towards Adriana DeSousa healing Arts - Asha light or Lovehealing employees will not be tolerated. Sexual misconduct or harassment will result in the immediate stoppage, full payment of the class or session rate will be due and the incident will be reported to local police authority.

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