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Adriana is a Way-Shower, Ascension-Guide and Gatekeeper in service to the shift in Consciousness on Earth. She carries within her DNA the archangelical and ascendant beings energy rays to activate those who have forgotten their divine-human.


As an Interdimensional Liaison since childhood, Adriana assists humans with the awakening Ascension through her service of love in the healing arts services, dialogues, writings, channelings, events, by her presence, listening and voice. She inspires the exploration and evolution of human consciousness, bridging the multidimensional worlds to create peace, self-realization and a deep understanding of the Ascension process.


She carries within her primary essence the Rays of light from Archangelic realms and Ascended Masters.


 As a Master Portal openings and Gatekeeper, Adriana receives regular downloads from a myriad, benevolent collective of Higher Dimensional Beings in service to the Humanity Ascension. That includes gateway passages for energetic shifts, timelines accessing information, ancestral work, DNA activations, and light language.


  Adriana has been in service for over 20 years as a conduit for this level of light divine intelligence and ascension guidance. She is not directly associated with a specific group, religion or organization. 

 Adriana shares information as a pure conduit to empower, inspire and accelerate the Ascension of humanity. 



 Adriana’s core values

– Create unique inspirational content, classes and events to expand the mind, open the heart and authentically assist the Ascension.
– Honor and serve Source and the journey with courage, humbleness, grace and divine intent.
– Empower the collective to co-create the new paradigm of peace, unconditional love and unity consciousness.


What is a Gatekeeper?

Gatekeepers serve the Ascension by opening and maintaining interdimensional Gateways. These high-frequency portals, such as Sacred Sites, Vortexes, and the New Earth Crystalline Grid systems link with higher dimensions and densities. Gatekeepers are called to serve via pre-incarnational agreement and a deep dedication to the Ascension.

Some Gatekeepers are called to consistently travel; some are assigned to a certain area or location. Gateways open energetic passageways for the New Light frequencies to enter, revealing and accelerating the experience of higher consciousness.

Gatekeepers themselves hold codes and sacred templates in their DNA, serving as conduits for activations. Master Gatekeepers are capable of interacting with Cosmic Stargates which traverse Solar systems, Galaxies and Universes.

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