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Adriana DeSousa Healing Arts

         Here is where you will learn about Adriana’s life commitment to the healing arts.

 Thank you for choosing this website that serves as a portal, from you to your journey with Adriana and the healing service intentionally designed to the essentiality of you. 

         Once a service offered resonates with you, book your appointment and connect to Adriana. The highest version of you begins through this portal.

Thank you for choosing Adriana's healing arts to channel the divine in you, to continue to live a healthier and happier life, evolving as a human, as divine consciousness and be part of the interplanetary ascending. 




Client Portal

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Adriana DeSousa


Adriana DeSousa is a holistic wellness practitioner and spiritual mentor. She is L.M.T - Licensed Massage Therapist, R.Y.T. - Registered Yoga Facilitator, Energy Medicine, QiGong Facilitator & Reiki teacher.

  She continues expanding her knowledge in several healing Arts training, including psychoanalysis to assist humanity to deepen the healing integration.

  A gifted and skilled professional with over 20 years of experience, she combines a finely honed intuition with western and eastern formal knowledge; all while including unique creative styles that include many eclectic techniques gathered from various healing traditions.

  Adriana graduated with high honors merit holding a license in massage therapy and bodywork.  Certifications of Hatha, Kundalini and Prana Yoga, Reiki teacher, within other healing methods certifications, both in the United States and Brazil.

  She is a dedicated and well-known professional, offering a variety of alternative therapies worldwide, with her talent being highly valued by her clients.

  Sensing the essentiality of each individual, Adriana is able to create a session that is uniquely curated to the benefits of each person. Focusing on the client’s preference for healing modality offered and what will best optimize their health, is key to create a safe space and transferring energy with integrity and knowledge.

Often clients experience visible transformations in their life physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. As well as deep relaxation, a decrease of muscle soreness and stiffness, cleansing detoxification, a sensible increase of energy level, restoration of peace, and overall well-being.


 Adriana services are available in person or remote.





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